Email sent to Li Keqiang regarding problems I am facing in China, second email

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SUBJECT: Problems in China - problem number 2/x

DATE: 2019-10-10 at 17:45 (Beijing time)

TO: Mr. Li Keqiang, Premier of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China

Dear Mr. Li Keqiang,

and dear Sir or Madam (the state employee who will handle this communication and forward it to the relevant department),

I am having a problem with trying to get my own cell phone number in China.

I went to China Mobile many times to try to solve this issue. The problem is with my Chinese Foreign Resident ID card.

It simply doesn’t work.

I went to the branch near my home on September 7th, 2019, but they told me to go to the bigger branch near Yingze Park (大南门店).

So, on September 7, 2019, I went to the China Mobile branch: 大南门店. I went back on September 9, 2019: it still didn’t work. September 15, 2019: it still didn’t work. September 17, 2019: it still didn’t work. September 23, 2019: it still didn’t work. September 27, 2019: it still didn’t work. October 10, 2019: it still didn’t work.

It’s a total nightmare. It’s like… nothing is working.

I also had this issue at the train station in Taiyuan. But it seems they succeeded to fix part of it back at the time. The problem was that they didn’t upgrade their database.

Dear Sir or Madam : I can not be behind everyone to make sure that they do their work. Just with China Mobile, I’ve spent maybe 10-15 hours to deal with this problem, and at the time of this writing, it still doesn’t work!

It’s totally crazy! I mean it’s China! You can send rockets into space, but a huge corporation like China Mobile can’t succeed in reading a Chinese government issued Foreign Permanent Resident ID card?

It’s a real shame on China Mobile.

Again, please forgive me for being very direct but I believe I have to be or in a few years these problems still won’t be fixed.

You might argue it doesn’t concern the Chinese government since China Mobile is a private company. I am sorry but I believe that it’s the work of the Chinese government to issue the relevant documentation and to dispatch to the companies operating in China so that they can upgrade their databases. Maybe the Chinese government did all of that.

But if the Chinese government did all of that, then, what should I do if companies operating in China don’t care about upgrading their system? Then, I am stuck. But then, I feel like it’s a form of discrimination. Because I am a foreigner, then, I can’t get my own phone number under my own name, I can’t go to hospital etc.

Every time I go to China Mobile, they take pictures of me. Sometimes, on a single day, they will take pictures of me over 10 times! It’s very tiring. I’ve attached to this email some pictures of when they take pictures of me and/or they take pictures of my ID on their personal phone and/or they simply take my ID with them.

Dear Sir or Madam, I sincerely hope these serious technical issues could be dealt with seriously. I hope you can forward this email to the relevant department(s) but I also hope you could forward this email to the CEO of China Mobile directly, Mr. Li Yue.

With the previous email I’ve sent you, you should start to realize that there is a bigger problem : how are you going to make sure every companies operating in China comply with the regulations?

Do you expect me to file a complaint every single time I am having issues using an ID card which has been issued by the Chinese government?

Yours sincerely,

[Name redacted for privacy]