Email sent to Li Keqiang regarding problems I am facing in China, first email

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SUBJECT: Problems in China - problem number 1/x

DATE: 2019-10-10 at 16:22 (Beijing time)

TO: Mr. Li Keqiang, Premier of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China

Dear Mr. Li Keqiang,

and dear Sir or Madam (yes, you, the state employee who will handle this communication and forward it to the relevant department),

I’ve found this email address by clicking on the section “Contact the Premier” of the following page :

WARNING : I say dear Mr. Li Keqiang because I am going to publish my communications to the Premier’s Office online in the form of open letters so that everyone can read. This way, I am hoping the problems I am mentioning will be dealt with more seriously. Right now, I have the feeling that nobody cares. By publishing it online, I feel that the problems I will talk about will be solved much faster. I hope.

Please don’t misinterpret my intent : I think China is a great country with great people. I love China and I love the Chinese people. My purpose is not to criticize for the pleasure of complaining but to point out what’s wrong so that it can be fixed quickly. Some of the problems I will mention are very serious sometimes.

Please find attached to this email a scan of my Chinese Foreign Permanent Resident ID card. My full name is [Name redacted for privacy] and my ID number is [ID number redacted for privacy].

There are too many problems to talk about. I will write one email for each problem I am facing so that everything remains clear and so that each email can be dispatched to the relevant department(s).

Problem number 1 :

I am facing some serious problems with my Chinese Foreign Permanent Resident ID card.

I’ve tried to go to the hospital in Taiyuan. It’s for myself. I went to 山西医科大学第一医院 near Yingze Park.

To make an appointment, I need an ID card. So I used my Foreign Permanent Resident ID card but it didn’t work.

It seems the database system hasn’t been upgraded. I attach additional pictures to this email. You can see the information displays incorrectly. There is also an error message from the database software.

Therefore, I can’t make any appointment by myself to see a doctor.

I went there on June 20, 2019. I’ve warned the hospital.

The hospital is aware about the problem. However, it seems they don’t really care to fix the problem.

On september 9, 2019, I went back to see if they’ve fixed the problem or not but they haven’t.

Since they are not very serious, I’ve decided I am going to write to the Premier’s Office to report this issue. Maybe if the request to fix this issue comes from Beijing, maybe they will start working more seriously.

I am facing many serious problems in China. Some people care and try hard. But I also feel that some other people simply don’t care and don’t even try to fix what’s broken.

If you have any question regarding this case, please send me an email at [Email address redacted for privacy].

Your sincerely,

[Name redacted for privacy]